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Tech 4 You gives you a chance to stay in constant touch with the hottest tech news.with this application you can check out the latest tech news published on the biggest sites of Technology.
Whether hardware news, Mobile, Linux, IOS, geek, home automation, connected objects, science, video games, photo, social networks ... We have everything you need!
Find information sources such as arstechnica, GigaOM, beta news, techradar, MaximumPC, AnandTech,geek, androidauthority, androidnews, Androidandme, androidcentral, AndroidGuys, MacRumors, TheIphoneBlog, but also idropnews everydaylinuxuser, d0od, linuxandubuntu, DigitalPhotographySchool, digitalcameraworld, photoshopcafe, scottkelby, tutsplus design and many more!
Tech 4 you is an RSS reader, but unlike other tech news applications, it will take you directly to the news without wasting time playing with the user interface or news loading. The user interface is simple and immediate and its focus is on the news.Tech 4 you is the best app for reading tech news.
Application sections:
- tech news(reviews,reports,tech engineering,Gadgets,Cyber Security,Consumer tech,geek,Innovation,Space Tech,science Tech, Appliances,Audio,Cameras,Cars,Desktops,laptops,Headphones,Networking,Phones,Software,Tablets,TVs,Android,Apple,Computers,Google,Internet,Microsoft,Mobile,Photography,Photo Galleries,Videos,Gaming,Mobile Apps,Smart Home,WearableTech)
- Computing(netbooks, Ultrabooks, PCs and Macs, peripherals and software,Laptop accessories,Networking and wi-fi,General networking,Modem routers,Hubs & switches,geek,Network adapters,Media streaming devices,Printer servers,Software,Audio software, Graphics and media software, Disc burning software,Home and reference software,Operating systems,Programming software,Utilities,Peripherals,Input devices,Printers and scanners,Speakers and headphones,Multimedia)
- Android(Phones,Tablets,Smart Watches,Samsung,HTC,LG,Sony,Motorola,Asus,Nexus Devices,NVIDIA,Huawei,Apps,Games,geek,Chromecast,Android Wear,Android Development,Cell Phone Plans,Deals,How To,Hardware,Tips and Tricks)
- IOS(Mac,iPad,iPhone,IWatch,appleTV,iTunes,iPod,iCar)
- Linux(Apache,Arch,ARM,Cloud,Conectiva,Debian,Eclipse,Fedora Fedora,Gentoo,GNOME,GNU,Immunix,LynuxWorks,Mageia,Mandriva,Mozilla,MySQL,,OpenPKG,Oracle,PHP,Progeny,Python Raspberry,Ruby,Steam,SUSE,TrollTech,Trustix,Turbolinux,Ubuntu,Virtualization,Xandros,Xfce,Ximian,Yellow Dog)
- Photography(Cameras,Lenses,Printers,Software,Agfa,Epson,Kyocera,Pentax,Canon,Fujifilm,Leica,Ricoh,Casio,HP,Nikon,Samsung,Contax,Kodak,Olympus,Sigma,DxO Labs,Konica Minolta,Panasonic,Sony,ACD Systems,Arcsoft,onOne,Unified Color,Adobe,Corel,Phase One,Akvis,Silkypix,Nik Software,Destinations,Inspiration,Springboard)
- Photoshop(Lightroom,Photoshop Elements,Photoshop Mix,webdesign,calgary,Graphic Design,spotlight)
- Gaming (PC,PlayStation,Xbox,Wii,VITA,3DS,GameSpot,geek,Nintendo,Dota,League of Legends,Minecraft,Team Fortress,Counter-Strike,Civilisation,GTA,Tom Clancy’s,Fallout,Rise of the Tomb Raider,Street Fighter,The Witness,Quantum Break,Firewatch,Call of Duty,Destiny)
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Tech 4 You now comes with a widget, so you can keep the latest tech news on your home screen.
NOTE: When you install the application wait between 1 to 4 minutes in order to download the latest news.
download the application for free and injoy reading the hottest tech news.